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Grazie! The SITE Program

Since 2012, only candidates from universities that have signed the Memorandum of Understanding will have absolute priority in the selection of candidates for the SITE internship opportunity.  Every year,  around 40 scholarships are at the disposition for the program, despite the number of growing applications and the pool of extremely qualified candidates. Thus, the selection of SITE candidates is becoming very competitive. It is possible that candidates who are  from Memorandum of Understanding signee Universities may be more than 40, and may have to be placed on the waiting list.

If your University is not a part of the Memorandum of Understanding, students may still apply, however, they will be placed on a waiting list, preceded by candidates from Universities under the Memorandum of Understanding. Certainly, there are always withdrawals, but it is possible that students from your university will not receive the SITE scholarship due to the high number of applications, and the ranking system of our program. If your Department is interested in signing the Memorandum of Understanding, we recommend that you consider the information about signing the Memorandum of Understanding that is found on our website.

This new procedure depends on two elements: 1.) the necessity for an evaluation filter by the professors of the Italian department and 2.) the protection and support that the consulates and the embassy instill for the candidates who apply  through the network of agreements.

Internal selection for SITE Network universities and colleges: the institution will do an internal selection and will nominate 1 (one) finalist as well as one or more alternates. Institutions feel free to organize the internal selection as they wish. In the candidates' interest, however, please keep in mind that the SITE program is an intercultural experience and can be challenging. The candidates must have excellent flexibility, independence, self-training and self-study skills, and willingness and ability to step out of their comfort zone. It is also recommended that the internal selection process include a demo class on a topic of the candidates' choice. For Content and Language Integrated Learning classes -CLIL- and examples of class materials, please visit this page: A demo class will provide valuable information on the candidates' performance as Teaching Assistants. The institution must then inform the Program Search Committee of their internal ranking by email at: as soon as the internal selection is completed. Please use as subject of the email: “Name of Institution/ Internal Ranking”.

We would like to emphasize that the signing universities of the Memorandum of Understanding  have no obligation to supply candidates every year, nor legal bindings of any sort.  To summarize, signing the Memorandum of Understanding is convenient, as it gives precedence to the applying candidates, and is a sort of reciprocal protection.  The signee of the Memorandum of Understanding  can be the head of the Italian Department, or a delegate. We invite you to please download and print both the English and Italian copies of the Memorandum, as well as complete all of the parts in red. When complete, sign both versions of the document and send them via the post (snail mail) to:

Prof .sa Paola Viccardi
IIS Luca Pacioli - Crema 
Via  delle Grazie 6
26013 Crema, (Cremona) Italy
Tel. +39 (0373) 80828 / 86044 
Fax +39 (0373) 86193

Prof Viccardi will then provide her signature on the documents and forward the Memoradum to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate of the district for the final signature.

If you have intentions of signing the Memorandum of Understanding, please confirm at the earliest possible convenience by writing us at, so we may insert your University into the group of MoU signees.

Thank you for your time,

The SITE program
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