CHRISTINE TARTAGLIA

Some teaching tips

  • I did a lesson about different dialects and accents in English and found some really great sound samples here  The kids loved it and we had great conversations also about the dialects and accents of Italy.
  • I also did a lesson on music, which I thought may have been my best yet.  The kids loved it and they learned a lot; I've become a strong believer in using music to help learn english because it's fun and easy to learn the flow of the language.  I use this website for materials
  • Another lessons I've done involved American government (I dusiussed the functions of different branches and the history of the constitution and declaration of independence). I liked this one because many students asked me about Obama and issues related to America and I thought it was important to learn the basic workings of the government before they could judge things related to American governing.
  • Other great lessons I've done had to do with Stereotypes, Idioms/Proverbs and Carnevale vs. Mardi Gras.  The topics were very interesting for the kids and they learned a alot about American culture as well.  I don't usually make formal lesson plans because the teachers at my school want me to do more conversation than anything so I basically just think of a topic and prepare myself with information about it then go into class with some discussion questions.  The students are very good at English so I tend to challenge them a lot and they enjoy the hard work.  Also we do activities and games often so as to keep their attention, you know how high schoolers can be!