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Program Terms

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  • DUTIES: The selected candidates will assist the Italian teacher in the teaching of English, as mother tongue assistants (TA). In some cases, they will assist the teachers of History, Geography, Science, Economics or other subjects in the teaching of simple modules of the subject in English (CLIL) (In the case that the internship is recognized for a university credit by the candidate's home institution, approval from that university is required)
  • HOURS: The TAs are committed to assist with the instruction of English for 12 hours each week. They must also participate in 13 supplemental hours a week pursuing other activities of self-study and self-development, projects, conversations with students, office hours, excursions, meetings with the advisor. The schedule is arranged with the advisor designated by the hosting schools, but the TAs will be responsible of their own program of self-study. The 12 weekly hours in the classrooom may be flexible in the sense that interns might work different hours in different weeks (ex: 10 hours one week, 14 hours another week).
  • ADVISORS: The hosting schools will designate an advisor to each appointed candidate. That advisor will be the TA's principal resource and point of reference and help with the initial transition and settlement in Italy. This includes helping the students to find housing (apartment, room, or room with a family). The advisor's identity and contact information will be given to each candidate or their home institution before the summer.
  • DURATION: Depending on position availability and candidate preference, the program will last from 4 months to a full academic year (between October 1st and May 31st). Interns willing to do a full academic year might be asked to do their internship in two schools in the same area (1 term per school). The time period will be settled before the candidate's departure and will result from a private agreement between the candidate and the school to which the candidate has been assigned. The date of departure, however, must follow the guidelines of the Italian Consular Office regarding a proper visa.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is not granted and will vary depending upon private agreements with the schools. The appointed candidates are encouraged to inquire with their advisers about accommodation prior her/his departure for Italy.
  • REIMBURSEMENT:  A monthly reimbursement for expenses of 700 Euros (net) will be provided by the school.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE:  The TAs must be covered by medical insurance. A basic insurance can be acquired in Italy upon the candidates' arrival. See program FAQ's on the SITE program website for further details on insurance acquisition.
  • ABSENCE POLICY:  Sickness leaves cannot exceed 15 working days for interns who do the full academic year, and 7 days for those who do one term only. In case of sickness, interns don't have to recuperate the classes missed during their absence. If the interns' classes are cancelled without previous notice to make room for extra school activities (i.e school outings), these classes do not have to be recuperated either. In case interns need a day/days off for personal reasons, they must ask their advisors for a permission - in this case, the school may ask the TA to make up the missed classes.  In case of a longer absence, the program will end, along with the stipend, and any other benefits provided by the school (i.e., lodging). In case of infringement of the SITE program terms, the school's internal rules, and of academic or social misconduct, the hosting school will be free to rescind the contract with an advanced notice of 2-week .
  • COMPLETION CERTIFICATE:  Upon completion of the program, the school will award each candidate a certificate of completion that will state the details of the program.
  • UNIVERSITY COURSES: The TAs may be able to attend courses (also selected courses - corsi singoli) at a local university. The courses should be consistent with the above-mentioned activities and must be approved by the advisor and program directors.
  • CELI EXAM: All the TAs will have the opportunity to take CELI international examination for Italian language competence The CELI certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the exam. For information check on the website of Università per Stranieri di Perugia http://www.cvcl.it/home.aspx
  • Disclaimer: although the assistants' and schools' cross-cultural experience is the SITE's highest priority, it is very difficult to fulfill all the parts' desiderata. The SITE is not a for-profit undertaking and the coordinators and tutors offer their collaboration on a voluntary basis. For this reason, the network of schools, the Italian coordinators and Dickinson College decline any responsibility regarding the assistants' accommodation, well-being and satisfaction on any aspects of the SITE program.