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Health Insurance


Legally, all assistants must have health insurance during their stay in Italy. If the coverage from their country of origin does not provide international care, an affidavit must be filled with the consulate during the visa process (more details on the visa section) and insurance must be purchased immediately upon arrival. Please refer to the following process in order to obtain INA Assistalia, which covers you for any medical emergencies:

1. Report to the nearest post office and fill a payment slip (bolettino postale) for a total of 49€ for 6 months or 98€ for 12 months to:

INA Assitalia - C/C n. 712 70 003

Via del Tritone 181 - 00187 Roma

Causale: Polizza Sanitaria studente straniero 6/12 mesi

2. The post office will give you a receipt confirming the payment, after which you a fax copy to INA Assitalia at the number 06.3613626

3. Immediately after sending the fax, contact INA Assistalia (06.3611676 or 06.3210214) and confirm the receipt of the fax.

4. INA Assitalia will then send a copy of your coverage to your Italian home address.

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