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Applying for a 2nd year

Applying for a second  year


 If you are completing your internship and you are thinking of staying  for another year  you will be pleased to know that it is possible on certain conditions. Which ones?

1. Your adviser  must reconfirm you,  which means  that interns who stay for the second year stay at the same school. Please make sure your adviser put your name down when he/she fills in the  online form.  March 19, 2016  is  the deadline for both schools and assistants  wishing to reapply.

2. You must apply of course so please download the form Application for a 2nd  year. Fill it in and send it back to  assistenti@pacioli.net .

3 A few schools have chosen as their own policy, to have an annual  turnover of TAs. Therefore , although they are fully satisfied with their interns, they cannot reconfirm them. If you are staying in one of these schools and wish to stay for a second year, before applying please ask your adviser to contact us.If we get a positive feed-back we shall consider your application and shall try to find a new school for you.