With the support of the Italian Embassy in Washington
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The SITE program (study, intercultural training and experience) is an internship program for English teaching assistants in the schools of Lombardy.

It is an opportunity for recent graduates or grad students  who wish to get a better understanding of the Italian language and culture while assisting Italian teachers with their work in the classroom.


  • FOR STUDENTS HEADED TO ITALY AS PART OF THE SITE PROGRAM Let's say you've been studying at Dickinson for a few years. Your classes have prepared you to speak, read and write in Italian..... read more
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  • 18 gennaio 2014 SEMINARIO PROGETTI MIT e SITE Università di Pavia - Palazzo Centrale - Strada Nuova, 65                                      Scarica il programma
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  • Visas / Visti per l'Italia Very good  news! We are  very  very  pleased  to inform  you  that  the Italian  Consulates are  now  ready (earlier than in the  previous years) to issue your visas for Italy ...
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